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Wrapping up one heck of a day with the rockinest rockstars ever! #UTYLC

Stoked about our sweet new Culture Book… Outlining all things that make Unified Theater, well, Unified Theater! It’s got everything from our celebrity crushes to style, personality to values, language to rocking office playlist. (at Unified Theater Offices)


Different people = Beautiful world!

Perry, Laurie, Eric and Buddy, Montrose, CA

Love this series from Special Olympics - check out the whole thing!

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." Walt Disney

One of our performers shared this quote at the first rehearsal for Unified Theater in LA.  Tonight, they perform a show that celebrates being unique — complete with music, dancing, fun homemade props, and magical pencils.  Can’t wait!

Huge congrats to one of our rockin’ student leaders, Michael Duff, on his induction into the Eagle Scouts! We were thrilled to be part of your day and know how much work went into this awesome accomplishment! Way to go, Mike!

Looking forward to seeing these Wellesley HS students pump some iron at their show tomorrow! Looking good, guys!

Throwback just 2 days to the #InclusionSummit - our UT rockstars at Esperanza Prep made this awesome poster to show everyone what Unified is all about!

Thanks to Aarohi for this awesome set of pics from our Spring Tour yesterday! Yes, it was as fun as it looks.

Getting pumped for our Greater Hartford Spring Tour tomorrow!!! Who’s coming with us?

We found this super cool, super weird kinetic sand and thought “We’d really like to play with that”…. so we thought maybe you would too!

Like our Facebook page this week to be entered to win a Get Creative Basket which includes art supplies, an origami kit, a Let Creativity Rule Charm, UT goodies AND this awesome kinetic sand.

Like us on Facebook this week and be entered to win this awesome Get Creative Basket!!


"For the longest time, I was so focused on being deaf in my left ear, that I almost forgot my other ear was perfectly fine."

An amazing reminder that it’s all about ability.

Happy happy Birthday to our founding inspiration, Kelsey!

Check out a piece our founder wrote about Kelsey, the bravest (and best!) girl she knows on our website.

Our students will be celebrating Kelsey’s birthday when they’re back from February break as part of our #LOVEinclusion month.

Our friends at Inclusive Schools Network and Stetson & Associates shared why they work for and #LOVEinclusion every day…

Stephanie Clark:"I #LOVEinclusion because it breaks down a barrier that used to keep kids apart socially and educationally.”

Cathy Giardina "I #LOVEinclusion because it describes what good schools should be—all kids belonging and participating!

Frances Stetson, Ph.D. "I #LOVEinclusion because it represents the way our world should be for everyone everywhere! It reminds us that we all have work to do!”

Tim LaCourt "I #LOVEinclusion because…it’s just the right thing to do! It makes school more like real life for all children. We can all learn a lot from one another!”

John Walsh "I #LOVEinclusion because it values every child.”

Kristi Henderson “I #LOVEinclusion because it embodies everything that is right about loving, reaching and teaching children. We all have unique gifts, talents and ideas and inclusive settings allow everyone to participate and shine in their own way!”

"Include everyone with love." Katie | Regardless of ability, background, lifestyle, interest, or beyond… That’s how you #LOVEinclusion.